Monday, August 1, 2011

Most likely reasons for site de-indexed in Google

If your site has been suddenly de-indexed from Google, then this chart will guide you through the most likely reasons

Site de-indexed - Quick Text View>
  • Has there been any removal requests via webmaster tools?
  • Has your site been hacked or compromised recently or currently?
  • Do you have a message from Webmaster Tools mentioning hacked spammy content ?
  • Do you show different content to googlebot and users with the intent that users should not see the text?
  • Have you very recently purchased the domain and it is preowned?
  • Do you have a DMCA notice and/or is there one in the search results when looking for your site?
  • Do you have any other sites that are in any way similar?
  • Do you duplicate, copy, or rewrite content that can be found elsewhere?
  • Is your site themed around an affiliate scheme?
  • Does your site contain a very large amount of non-exclusive content?
  • Have you recently amended or removed problem content? 
Update April 2012 : This information is still current. If you have been given another reason not on this list for your site to have been de-indexed then treat with caution and look for authoritative supporting evidence.