Saturday, July 30, 2011

De indexed by Google - unlikely reasons for the ultimate penalty.

If your site has been removed from Google's index; then, alongside another post on this site, Likely reasons for de-indexed; consider too some unlikely reasons for your site delisting.

  • Selling links or engaging in link schemes.
  • Linking to bad neighbourhoods.
  • Hosting multiple sites on the same server.
  • Duplicate content caused by standard site structure.
  • Copyright issues without a DMCA notice in search results.
  • Lack on nofollow tag on popular affiliate links
  • Canonical issues
  • Issues concerning H, H2 and H3 tags
  • HTML Markup or non 'validation'
  • Lack of alt text
  • Lack of a favicon
  • Capitalization issues in meta tags
  • Text colour issues whilst text is generally viewable
  • Lack of a privacy policy, terms and conditions and contact information.
  • Benign duplicated data in /head area.
  • Any issues regarding sitemaps
  • Accessibility and navigation issues
These unlikely reasons have been drawn from submissions found in webmaster forums everywhere..


    1. My blog deindex for costum domain only, not for original url
      can you help me


    2. citromduro - Have you submitted a reconsideration via webmaster tools ? That should tell you upon return if you have a manual spam penalty on your site.

    3. that's sick specially this point "Hosting multiple sites on the same server."

      Why it's in the list?

    4. Anonymous - The point "Hosting multiple sites on the same server." is there because it is not a reason to be deindexed. It is very typical to have multiple sites hosted on one server and it is not a violation of webmaster guidelines.

    5. is there violation if blog home page have one h1 tag and multiple h2 tags

    6. @kd - One h1 tag and multiple h2 tags sound alright to me anyway and not a violation of webmaster guidelines. I would look elsewhere.

    7. I do agree with suibble, check out my post for the same

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      1. The site which you just dropped a spammy link for is a great example of the sort of site that Google does not want in the index.

        There is no point promoting it as it wont last long, and in any case dropping spammy comment links is not 'promoting a site' - it is creating spam.